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Mick van Oppenraaij organises wine courses together with Hans Meys of Vinos wine courses in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Basic Course wine tasting

This course is perfect for wine lovers who want to acquire fundamental knowledge of wines. Theory and practice will go hand in hand here; we will talk about, taste and compare several wines to illustrate which factors contribute to colour and bouquet. The course will consist of five lessons of two-and-a-half hours each and cover the following subjects:

  • the technique of wine tasting
  • the wine making or vinification methods
  • the most important wine areas of France
  • the wine countries in the New World
  • sparkling wines and port

During the course we will be tasting some forty wines. The maximum number of participants for each group will be fifteen

Data courses

Theme evenings

Excellent wines from imposing region Roussillon

Rhône/Provence/Languedoc-Roussillon wines